For nearly 10 years I’ve been an avid participant in the self-hosting community. While I’ve spend most of my time learning enterprise focused technologies I’ve also enjoyed hosting private game servers. Most of this time I host games like Minecraft or Valheim, but on occasion I will host something more substantial for myself. This time I’ve crafted myself a World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King server.

Why do I host things like this? Well, mostly it is because I’m not a programmer but sometimes after staying at a Holiday Inn Express I pretend I am. I use these opportunities to learn more about application compiling, sustainment methods, network requirements and attempt to stress the limits of virtual machines. The added perk is that I can play a game I really enjoy and when I find issues I can actually dig into code to see if I can find where the issue lies.

My preference when running a game like this is TrinityCore, which has been around for years and looking at their GitHub they are working on a World of Warcraft: Shadowlands server. So there is an active group of people enjoying rebuilding a game they’ve enjoyed. While I cannot say Shadowlands is something I personally wish to play I still commend the effort put in my so many people. This type of community provides a service and I think its a gateway, albeit small, for more open source MMORPG to become a thing. In fact the game Veloren community is doing just that! The idea that as a programmer wanting some sort of fun side project to work on with a community may just be a unique way to make business contacts, earn additional paid jobs or even get your name tied to a legitimate gaming title could really boost a career.

As for me what I get out of this is learning about Debian Linux, which is outside of my personal expertise. I also get to learn about software sustainment, which is within my line of expertise. This also grants me the opportunity to experience additional network related issues to troubleshoot. All, in all, I understand the negative views that these types of private servers have but some of us do use them as a fun way to learn more tricks of our trades.

As for the server and game itself I don’t plan on advertising it and its more of an invitation only type of thing, but if you happen across the URL and begin playing then we’re happy to have you.