Turnkey Linux, WordPress and You!

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So years ago I was looking for an out of the box solution for hosting websites internally. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of stumbling through installations and configurations and just wanted something that worked. So scouring the internet I came across Turnkey Linux, a website providing simple out of the box solutions for many open-source applications including WordPress. For years I have been using their product since it provides that simple solution with a very easy to use administrative front-end.

So here I am last night tinkering with their LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) solution working on this website. I came across an issue where I couldn’t crop images and would get an error. Upon looking at the WordPress Site Health page I could see multiple extensions just weren’t installed. So I figured I’d share the very easy and simple command line solution to ensure that if you get the same issue that you can resolve it.

apt install php7.3-bcmath
apt install php7.3-curl
apt install php7.3-imagick
apt install php7.3-gd
apt install php7.3-zip

The major issue was GD, but since I dislike having anything in the log that looks remotely like an error message I installed all the rest per the suggestion of the WordPress Site Health page. Now everything runs great and I have no issues.

One last note, as you can see I’m installing php7.3 modules while currently php7.4 is available. Keep this in mind as you may have a different version and will need to modify the install for your respective version of php.