Game of Thrones will always be brought up this time of year.

November is always the time of year I sit down and really take a good look at the gaming landscape, pick a few titles and prepare for the winter. This year isn’t any different only this time I’m typing up my thoughts instead of just internalizing the entire conversation and thought process.

With each passing year this process gets harder and harder due to multiple setbacks within the industry ranging from development to financial and in some cases political. This year was often more interesting than any storyline that any game company could have dreamt up. So let me get right to it and discuss why I’m going to play.

Guild Wars 2

I plan on my main source of entertainment to come from Guild Wars 2. I continually return to this game for varying reasons and lengths of time but returning a few weeks ago I found a sense of enjoyment I hadn’t since its launch. After drifting between Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars The Old Republic and neither feeling like the experience I was looking for and it was ArenaNet classic Guild Wars 2 that was there for me.

So let me start off by saying why I feel more at home in this game now than I have since its initial release back in 2012. Back then I was deep into the World vs World scene exploring the Warrior profession with my coworkers. As in most cases the interest within the group subsides and you end up moving to the next game. Returning during the Mad King Halloween event made leveling up multiple characters very easy and enjoyable, but it wasn’t until I started to look into other aspects that my interest was truly rekindled. So why should you think about playing Guild Wars 2 this winter?

To begin with there are multiple, massive storylines for anyone interested in following an ever growing narrative. These stories will guide you from zone to zone where you will enjoy non-linear questing, zone completion, puzzles and more. If you enjoy collections and character customization there is entire aspect of the game that revolves around gathering skin unlocks for your armor, weapons and mounts. You can’t forget the zone events, raids, fractals and numerous large scale events that players of all levels come to participate in.

Say you aren’t interested in that type of content. You might be more interested on testing your skills against other players. There is plenty of competitive tournaments for structured player vs player fighting where you have multiple forms of progression. Quite possibly you want to test out your new abilities with a large group of guild member. In this case you’ll be interested to know there are multiple, unique, maps just for World vs World. WvW as it is called are four massive battles where server groups fight over keeps, buff events, supply runs and even a few PvE events.

Regardless of how you feel this is one of the best rounded games currently available. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of it this time that I have before and hopefully this maybe this article will push you to try the game as well as it is free to play you have nothing to lose.

Divinity Original Sin II

To fill that true Dungeons & Dragons experience I want to actually finish Divinity Original Sin II. I’ve always started it and gotten sidetracked so here is hoping if I actually set completing this game as a goal it’ll actually get done.

Divinity has become a staple RPG designed in the same vein as as classics such as Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. I’m looking forward to plunging into the world of Rivellon with a small group of adventurers going from town to town trying to save the world one monster kill at a time!

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Now the final game in my winter rotation is more of a long term achievement collection than an active game. I’ll admit it is a guilty pleasure and because it combines two things I care about, D&D and being lazy, it was an easy choice for me.

Idle Champions is an idle game where each level utilizes varying team layouts with different modifiers as you get harder. Your party members all have special abilities that, depending where you place them, will increase your overall party efficiency. For those interested each zone and level are part of a storyline which unfolds before you over hours of gameplay.

Those are my three choices of games I will be focusing on throughout this winter. One of my goals is to post something each week about my progress in throughout these games. So if you are interested feel free to bookmark my website and drop a comment if you’d like. Let me know what games you will be playing this winter.

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